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24/7 your agent!

In the Dutch & Belgium seaports Euro Nordic acts as ship agents for numerous ship-owners and operators. As maritime specialists we know better than anybody else: time = money!

Euro Nordic is committed to organize an efficient turnaround of vessels during their port call. For each type of vessel and each type of cargo we have an experienced professional that is your source of information.

Already before vessel’s arrival we work proactively in arranging all the necessary preparations to secure a smooth operation in the port. All parties involved, such as stevedores, terminals, cargo stakeholders, nautical service providers and other suppliers will be fully informed about the vessels’ call.

Once in the port, Euro Nordic will coordinate everything from crew-related matters up to maintenance, repairs, deliveries of bunkers and other supplies and services.


In case you want to board a vessel under our agency, please enter your ISPS boarding request via following link:


For more information or PDA-requests for all ports in the ARA-range, please contact (24/7):                 

Rotterdam office, The Netherlands:
agencies@euronordic.nl / +31 180 441122
tankeragencies@euronordic.nl / +31 180 441127

Antwerp office, Belgium:

agencies@euronordic.be / +32 3 234 0316