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In Moerdijk, ideally situated between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, we operate our own warehouses for covered storage of general cargoes. Our modern facilities have a capacity of 30,000 m² and are directly connected to the network of roads, railways and river systems in Europe.


In the warehouses we operate modern handling equipment to meet our strict safety and environmental standards. In short, it is an ideal and secure location for storing metals, aluminium, paper, wood pulp and numerous other types of packed products.

Also for food products we are able to serve you at our HACCP- and SKAL-certified warehouses. At these warehouses we have all equipment for (re)packing, cutting big bags and loading silo trucks.

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The art of logistics

Around our warehouses we have the availability of open storage too. From bricks up to complete windmills, we can store it for you. Our facilities are 24/7 on camera and completely fenced. On top of that, the industrial complex is being monitored and fenced too, which made Moerdijk the first seaport in the Netherlands that received a KVO-B-recognition.

Also for bulk products we can offer you (covered) facilities alongside waterways. At most locations we are even able to process (crush, screen and dry) and pack your cargoes.

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