10,000 Janssen vaccines available for international seafarers


As of today, a special vaccination program opened up for all international seafarers that call at the port of Rotterdam-Rijnmond region. 

In the next two months, a total of 10,000 Janssen vaccines will be available for all (foreign) commercial seagoing vessel’s and its crew, except cruise vessels and pleasure yachts, at special designated vaccination centers. Vaccination on board of your vessel is possible, but needs to be decided by the ‘Arbo Unie’.

Andre Schravesande , General Manager of Euro Nordic ship agency department adds; “Our colleagues can make sure that they can act on behalf of the shipowner and apply for this vaccination program, we do need, however, more details of the crew before registering.”

Contact us for more information
In case you want to apply for vaccinating your crew, please get in touch with us via [email protected].

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Andre Schravesande

Telephone: +31 180 441127
Email: [email protected]

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