An impressive sight at the Maasmond, the entrance to the port of Rotterdam


The Prospector 1 from Borr Drilling, a triangular self-elevated drilling rig with an overall length of almost 71 meters, has safely arrived at Mammoet Schiedam for a repair and mobilization period.

Its primary function is efficient and safe drilling operations in offshore environments. As agents, Euro Nordic Logistics was responsible for the towing.

Our colleague Bert de Groot, Offshore manager adds: "The rig was transported by the Princess of Boskalis, with towing assistance from the Fairplay-62 and Fairplay-63, and additional support from the Fairplay-21 and Fairplay-23 near the Hook of Holland. What we do remains special, especially due to the size of these vessels and platforms. Great piece of teamwork with all parties involved ensured a smooth port call."

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Bert de Groot

Telephone: +31 6 10 05 37 94
Email: [email protected]

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